Naming the environment object for PSPDFKit’s toolbar buttons

We’re trying a new API to customise PSPDFKit toolbar buttons using SwiftUI’s standard .toolbar modifier.

We need to internally sync state between our main PDFView (document content view) and standard buttons we provide (normally placed in a navigation bar). This is both for the buttons’ actions and state like if the buttons are enabled. Providing a modifier that internally uses an @EnvironmentObject works well, but we’re not sure what the best name is. Our proof-of-concept is using all programmers’s favourite word ‘context’.

Usage is like this:

PDFView(document: document)
    .toolbar {
    .pdfContext(PDFContext()) // What to call this?

There is a similar concept in MapKit, which has a mapScope(_:), although it requires a bit more typing to use. Apple has this example showing MapCompass being detached from its Map:

struct CompassButtonTestView: View {
    @Namespace var mapScope
    var body: some View {
    VStack {
            Map(scope: mapScope)
            MapCompass(scope: mapScope)