Gaming overhead

I recently bought a few second-hand Wii games so the old console is receiving a little extra life. But it is such a hassle. To play a game on the Wii I have to work through these things:

  1. I must be in the same place as the Wii
  2. The TV must be free (rare at the times I want to play)
  3. Rummage in drawers to find assorted bits of kit — possibly Wii remotes, nunchuks, MotionPluses, classic controllers, Wavebirds and Wavebird receivers
  4. Build your own controller
  5. Turn TV on (slow)
  6. Set TV to correct input
  7. Turn TV volume down (The Wii is louder than everything else.)
  8. Fix aspect ratio (It is always wrong; I do not know why.)
  9. Turn Wii on (slow)
  10. Skip past health and safety message
  11. Start the game from the menu
  12. Skip past health and safety message
  13. Pass a few more screens I don’t care about
  14. Possibly calibrate MotionPlus
  15. Play game

To play games on my 3DS:

  1. Open 3DS
  2. Play game