Steve Jobs

It’s one week since Steve Jobs passed away. I haven't written anything here, but it has been on my mind a lot.

Much has been said, and I have little to add. I’m touched most by what John Siracusa said in Hypercritical 37, A Story of Triumph:

He didn't predict what the future would be like because he's a Nostrodamus. He said what he would like the future to be like, and then he made it that way. That’s why it matches what he said, because he made it that way. He was the one who did it.

The world is a changeable place. Thank you Steve, you’ve changed it for the better.

To me, this year’s WWDC keynote seems so recent. It was just four months ago. Steve was on the stage, enthusiastically showing us iCloud: his last product unveiling. iCloud shipped today; I’m sad Steve isn’t here to see it.