Notational Velocity Tricks

Here is a Notational Velocity trick I discovered recently: you can ‘command-arrow’ between the end of the note title field and the beginning of the note body field. Move the cursor to the beginning of the main note area in Notational Velocity. For example, by pressing command-up. Then press command-left. The selection goes to the note’s title so you can rename it. Press command-right at the end of the title field to go back to the note.

This isn't exactly a trick, but Notational Velocity makes decent looking printouts or PDFs. Easier and less crazy than TextEdit in plain text mode, where changing the size of the window changes the size of the printed text. Changes to the font in Notational Velocity’s preferences are reflected in the printout. PDFs are especially easy to make with the command-P-P trick, which I found recently via Minimal Mac. Read about the trick at MacSparky or the original at Mac OS X Hints.


When I first posted this, I claimed you could only use Helvetica when printing from Notational Velocity. Later, it occurred to me that you could change the font in Notational Velocity and this would probably be used for printing as well.