Lawsuit: Apple turned iPhone 3Gs into “iBricks” to boost iPhone 4

Someone has decided to make a fuss about the poor performance of iOS 4.0 on older hardware, such as the iPhone 3G. (I assume it was the weaker iPod Touches as well as the 3G, although I haven't heard any reports on this.)

Jacqui Cheng at Ars Technica:

According to Wofford’s complaint, Apple knew that the update from iOS 3.x would turn her iPhone 3G into a “device with little more use than that of a paper weight.”

I've said something of a similar nature before, but I rather object to the point being put that strongly. My iPhone 3G still had tremendous value to me after iOS 4.0 but before 4.1. It was slow, yes, but I still loved it.

I believe the gist of the lawsuit is that by hampering the performance of iPhone 3G for the launch period of iPhone 4, Apple was encouraging customers to upgrade. This would be depressing if true.

Anyway, I'm very glad 3G users were treated to good performance again with iOS 4.1.