Readomator for Instapaper

Listen to your saved Instapaper articles as easily as you listen to podcasts. Readomator seamlessly bridges Instapaper and the iTunes podcast section using text-to-speech.

This is interesting stuff. It’s a Mac app, which takes text from Instapaper, runs it through the Mac OS X’s speech synthesis system, then puts the resulting audio into iTunes as a podcast.

Instapaper is great (we all know this), the speech synthesis is great (the new Lion voices, supposedly from Nuance), and Readomator seems to competently connect everything together. The greatness stops at iTunes: I have no desire to listen to articles while at my Mac; I don’t want to faff around manually syncing my iPhone (wireless is an improvement, but not enough); and access via Home Sharing requires many more taps than I can be bothered with. How sad.

I’m so glad we have Instacast for normal podcasts.

Readomator is a nice little app though; I’m glad to have supported the developer, Gray Goo Labs.

Direct Mac App Store link

(via Instapaper on Twitter)