Different Levels

Dov Frankel on For No One:

The iPhone has two different volume levels: your ringer volume, and your audio playback volume. When audio is playing, or when an audio-centric app is open, the hardware volume buttons change the volume of the audio.

In Settings > Sounds, there is an option called “Change with Buttons”. The situation described above is when this option is on. When this option is turned off, the volume buttons should always change the audio playback volume and the ringer volume can only be changed from Settings > Sounds.

Well at least I thought that was the case, but I just did a test and sometimes with the option off, the volume buttons sometimes fail to change the keyboard click volume. Otherwise I think what I said is right.

The iPad harbors no concept of a separate “ringer” volume, and so its level can always go to zero. […] It has no Clock app for which to make an exception.

But does the iPad make an exception for Find my iPad? Sadly I don’t have an iPad to check.

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