InstaFavor — The Brooks Review

Ben Brooks:

I have been getting scattered reports that an article (not linked list items) are showing as “unavailable” in Instapaper for iOS. This of course annoys me to no end and must be incredibly frustrating for you — the reader.

I have been seeing this problem when sending ‘original content’ pieces from The Brooks Review and Daring Fireball to Instapaper using Reeder for iPhone. (Not link posts.)

I sent an email to Marco Arment about this a while ago, but I wasn't quite sure what the problem was. I suspected it was to do with multibyte or non-ASCII characters in the articles titles.

My workaround was to open the articles in Safari then use the bookmarklet. I don’t know why I didn't use the Read Later buttons Ben has put on his site.

I’m very glad Ben is making sure Marco knows about this. And I hope Marco took a break for Christmas…