Swapping Search Providers

With all this brouhaha about Bing copying Google, I thought I’d share what was keeping me on Google.

Google’s awesome keyboard navigation.

Keyboard navigation is a recent addition to Google, and I said how much I loved it back in November. This is something I ‘can't live without’. Until I looked just now, that feature was what was preventing me from trying an alternative. To my immense excitement, I have found that DuckDuckGo works the same! Up, down and return do what I expect. So I’ve toggled a setting in Alfred. (PowerPack required.)

A screen shot of Alfred's preferences window. DuckDuckGo is chosen as the only fallback search to be used.

Keyboard navigation isn't a consideration on the iPhone. I just switched Safari to use Bing as an experiment. I plan on reporting back on how both these changes work out.