Send your Instapaper reading log to Readability

Done. It literally took two clicks to link the accounts.

The Readability payment system is a fantastic idea, and I really hope it works out.

To me, Instapaper and Readability look like collaborating competitors. If you link Instapaper to Readability, the two services basically do the same thing. So how do you pick which one to use for reading? Marco Arment addresses this concern:

The answer is simple: use whichever one is a better fit for you. With this method, you can easily use both if you want: Instapaper for managing your reading, and Readability to contribute to publishers.

This is a non-answer to me. “Whichever one is a better fit” doesn't mean anything. You have to use Readability for contributing to publishers because that’s the only one that does it. The question is which to use for reading.

I say the answer is Instapaper because:

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