Marco Arment: Logarithmic calendar view

The ideal view would contain today’s events in great detail, then events from the next few days in less detail, then an overview of events in the next 3-5 weeks.

This would be useful. I am not quite sure what Marco means by less detail. Only the event names in a list? I only care about major events happening next week. I do not need a list of every single upcoming lecture. I think identifying which events qualify as major would be the main problem implementing this idea.
Unfortunately, my Cocoa programming skills aren’t quite up to scratch yet. I’m working on it when I can.
Also see my next post for a mockup.

Mostly Unrelated

I do not find reading the main problem with calendar applications though. I think event entry is the more critical problem. I hope to write more about this sometime. The idea of Google Calendar’s Quick Add is smart: you describe the event in a sentence and it tries to work out what you mean.

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