John Sullivan, the Free Software Foundation:

…users should not place themselves at the mercy of Apple or H.264 either. If you buy an iPhone OS computer, there is no recourse if Apple makes a decision you do not like. …you’ll wait on Apple to implement any bug fixes or new features, or to take care of your security—even though it’s ostensibly your platform, your computer, and part of your life.

I am happy to be at the mercy of Apple. I am very grateful for the new features coming in iPhone OS 4 and that Apple is taking care of keeping my iPhone secure. It is a good thing they can take care of the bugs too because I would not have any idea how to fix iPhone OS bugs. (Also, the phrase “iPhone OS computer” amuses me.)

A free Web needs free software.

I am not too bothered about a free web by that definition.

Fortunately, the way out of the Adobe vs. Apple cage match is straightforward, and exists already: free software operating systems like GNU/Linux

This just makes me laugh.

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