(I warn that this piece somewhat resembles a rant.)

BT tacks on bits-and-pieces onto their phone and internet connection packages to make it harder to find the things you care about (the phone and internet connection).

screen shot from webpage advertising ‘advanced security features with a picture of a MacBook Pro’

They say:

We've teamed up with leading online security company McAfee to offer BT NetProtect Plus.

My belief is that you don’t need this junk on your Mac.

Following a hunch, I did a search and was redirected to this:

screen shot from BT NetProtect Plus webpage

Unfortunately BT NetProtect Plus is not currently compatible with Apple Macs.

There is a lot I dislike here: the unwanted add-ons; the pictures not fitting in with the words; and the poor use of terminology. I would agree that the software ‘does not run on Mac OS X’, but that’s not what they say. They could show a picture of a MacBook Pro running Windows, which could run the security software even though it is still an “Apple Mac”.