John Gruber on Chrome's Dictionary Extension

Google Chrome does not use Mac OS X's standard dictionary look up feature.

Gruber concludes:

I like Chrome much better than Firefox, but fundamentally it’s the same idea as Firefox — a web browser written and designed for another platform, ported to the Mac, missing all sorts of little things that make for good Mac software.

Replace Chrome with Opera in the above.

Opera does not support the Mac dictionary look up either. There is a built in feature to look up a term on the Meriam Webster website. This is a much worse experience. Also, it is not possible to use Mac OS X Services on selected text in Opera.

My opinion on Opera and Gruber's on Chrome differ in that it isn't so clear cut to me whether Opera or Safari should be my default web browser. While it integrates poorly with the Mac, Opera brings some significant strengths of it's own.