Daring Fireball: AT&T’s New Data Plans

under the new plan, you can pay just $55/month: $40 for voice and $15 for the DataPlus plan.

That still sounds pretty bad to me.

My iPhone is on O2’s pay as you go service.

I can pay £10 each month for unlimited Internet. This does not allow tethering. At any point, I can not pay this and use my iPhone like an iPod touch with phone capabilities (but not mobile Internet).

Calls and text messages are on pay as you go, which means I pay for what I use. I don't use much so I pay very little.

Over the last eight months, I have only given O2 £80. This setup would not work well for people who make many more calls and send more text messages that I do. I think it's great though. I would much rather not have to deal with a mobile network provider, but that's not reality.