Skinning the frog - iPad definitely a threat to Windows

Sorry for linking back to an old article, but I wanted to comment on this piece from three weeks ago.

Point 1: Instant on

It just works. I want to check email, look at my schedule for the day, look at Facebook, view something on YouTube, check out some news headlines, or just watch a movie, the iPad (and future devices of its class) are just much more convenient.

I love my ThinkPad T400. But when I go to it, I have to pray whether it’ll come out of sleep. If it does come out of sleep, it’ll be slow.

I don’t find I have this problem with my MacBook Pro. I agree on the convenience aspect though.

Point 2: Speed

Similar to #1, I can check my email, look at my various RSS feeds and scan my schedule in less than 30 seconds.

That is pretty fast. However, I doubt you can actually read anything in that time. This is a mixed bag: NetNewsWire for iPhone launches much fast than NetNewsWire for Mac but Simplenote feels more like Notational Slug than Velocity. Quıcĸsıɩⅴεʀ also makes things move fast. Desktop apps could be much faster than iPhone and iPad apps but I think it is true that they often are not.

Point 3: The App store

A lot of cool little programs are being made because developers can actually get paid for making cool stuff.

I agree.