Small Observations on iOS 4

Time can now be set automatically. It determines the time zone automatically as well. This is very welcome. No need to worry about not being able to set time to second accuracy, which always bothered me.

Most of the built-in app icons look redrawn. Not Stocks though. The clouds on Mail looked different to me and I have not noticed South America being so clear on Safari. Overall, I think the icons look darker and a little crisper.

Places in Photos works even without without iPhoto ’09.

There is no request for a rating when deleting an app. I approve of this: I never rated apps anyway.

The software rotation lock is not available on the iPhone 3G, as there is no interface to put it in. Also, the ‘iPod Controls’ remain just that: there is no capability to stop audio playing from Safari or iTunes using the home button double press. On the bright side, squeezing the microphone bobble works for any of these as it always has.

Mail now hides the Apple Mail To Do mailbox. This takes out some useless clutter, but it looks a little odd without it at the moment. I'll get used to it.

I briefly tested note syncing using Apple’s Notes app and an IMAP email account. I found it was fast: much faster than Simplenote. The app launches faster and downloads new notes in less time. Furthermore, Notes can finish syncing in the background after quitting, and download new notes periodically before it is even launched. The first of these, and only the first, is possible for third party apps with Task Completion on more capable hardware. Apple’s Notes app makes both available on the iPhone 3G.

(I am still going to use Simplenote for now since Notational Velocity is so far beyond the Notes section of Mail on Mac OS X. And because of Marker Felt…)