Reading app (working name)

This is an iPad and iPhone app for saving webpages and text snippets to read later, like a modern rethinking of Pocket or Instapaper as a first-class iOS app. When you find an article on the web you’d like to read without being sidetracked right now, save it in the app and come back to it at a better time. There’s no need to make an account because everything happens right on your device.

Saved articles are shown beautifully for a comfortable reading experience. Side-by-side pages mean you can focus on reading instead of scrolling. Multiple columns on iPad make effective use of the large screen and avoid long lines, which would be hard to read.

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This is an alpha testing release, so don’t store any data you’d be sad to lose. I’ve only made the bare minimum of a functional app so far. All you can do is save, read, share, and delete. I’d love you to try it out and tell me if this makes any sense, and tell me what you think I should improve first.


How to save articles

You can save a webpage from any app that shows the standard share sheet with a web link. Scroll to the end of the first row, tap More, and enable ‘Save to read’. Then you can tap the yellow app icon in the share sheet to save the article.

On iPad you can also drag links into the list.

You can save any text the same way. Select the text, tap Share, and then ‘Save to read’ — or drag text into the list. This can be useful for long emails or to proof read your own writing.


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This app is still in its early stages. I’m quite pleased with the core reading experience but a lot needs to be created around that. The most important things I have to do are:

Known issues