6th generation iPad mini dimensions

Here’s a comparison of the new iPad mini (6th generation) compared to previous iPad mini models.

Diagram showing the outlines of the device and screen of the iPad mini 1–5 and the iPad mini 6.

The iPad mini screen become longer on the long edge but narrower on the short edge. In UIKit points, the screen changed from 1024 × 768 to 1133 × 744.

The borders have been reduced so much on the short edges that despite the screen being longer the overall device is less long.

The borders actually increased slightly on the long edges. The screen is narrower, but the devices are the same width.

This makes the new iPad mini screen the narrowest iPad screen yet. Test your apps in portrait to make sure everything fits.

The new iPad mini has the highest aspect ratio of any iPad at 1.52. This is similar to the 3:2 (1.5) ratio of the original iPhone.

The point/pixel densities are roughly the same between the older and new iPad mini models at around 163 points per inch or 325 pixels per inch. (The same very good density we’ve had since the iPhone 4 in 2010. That device really was ahead of its time.)