Torch apps for iPhone 4

I’ve tried out a few applications that turn on the iPhone 4’s LED light. I want a simple app: SOS and strobe features are not of interest. Here are my complaints.

  1. Torch - for iPhone 4 by Jake Sankey

    Light does not turn on when the app opens, and you can’t tell when the ‘on’ button is ready to be pressed as the launch image exactly matches the initial appearance of the app. Otherwise, this is great.

  2. Torch Pro by Tyler Bell

    The main problem is the lack of sounds, and the app looks boring. This also has the aforementioned problem of not turning the light on when launching.

  3. Luxylight by Sylion

    No sounds. Too many buttons. Only available with ads so far.

  4. Torch LED Flashlight by Rice Media

    There is a delay when turning the light on, and the about page is horrible (it hasn't been updated for the Retina Display). Otherwise, this is a good choice.

  5. LED Light for iPhone 4 by Jason Ting

    This application is configurable to suit differing preferences, but has the same problems as Tyler Bell’s app: no sounds and looks boring.

  6. Flashlight 4 by

    The on/off switch is comically large, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The app is silent though. If you like very plain appearances and no gimmicky sounds, try this app.

  7. Torch ¤ by Surpax Technology Inc.

    I love the switch control. However, the app is only available with ads.

  8. Torch for iPhone 4 by CrowdCafé

    No complaints; this is my favourite. ★★★★★