Douglas Hill’s posts in 2013

20 January 2013

Development Notes on Glassboard 2.3.3

by Brent Simmons

I love hearing how OS X and iOS app veterans are doing things. Brent has been doing this for such a long time, but is still always looking for ways to improve his craftsmanship. »

21 January 2013

The Trend Against Skeuomorphic Textures and Effects in User Interface Design

by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

I think John is right, and he’ll appear very astute looking back on this article in a couple of years. Time will tell. »

2 April 2013

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Read more »

3 April 2013

Luigi’s Mansion 2

I started playing yesterday. So far I would says it’s alright, which is about what I expected. It looks great considering how awful the 3DS XL screens are. The game uses too many buttons. I am very tempted to use the ‘Dual Scream’ ringtone on my iPhone. »

7 April 2013

Time Machine menu bar icon

The Time Machine menu bar icon does not spin when preparing backups on Mountain Lion. It now spins only when copying, providing less feedback. I don’t like this.

If I had a Mac that supported Power Nap (continues backing up after being put to sleep) and was convinced the backups reliably completed, then I would remove the icon from the menu bar and forget about it. But I don’t, so I want to babysit the backups. »

12 April 2013



Decision tree for using a QR code

I feel like the QR code is the litmus test for whether your ‘digital experts’ are actually digital experts. 

(Although, I have seen some data that suggests that they work in a few specific situations.)

(Reblogged from CocoaHeads and Alex Carantza) »

14 April 2013

Grouped table view background colour Read more »

I posted a couple more photos on the cat’s Tumblr recently. I might post some more, but no more than one per week.

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17 April 2013

Touchfit: Georges St-Pierre Read more »

18 April 2013

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Ages coming to 3DS in May

Andrew Brown at Nintendo World Report

This is exciting. I’ve been after these games for years, but was never convinced with the cost and hassle of buying from Ebay. »

22 April 2013

Sleep is important Read more »

23 April 2013

Medieval Name Generator

This would be useful if one was to play Dungeons and Dragons (like these folks), or start playing Fire Emblem: Awakening and need to name the tactician. »

9 May 2013

URL encoding with DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo will perform URL encoding and decoding. For example: ‘url encode $’ and ‘url decode %23’. Handy. »

10 May 2013

Marco Arment:

Abolishing the “top” lists from all App Store interfaces and exclusively showing editorially selected apps in browsing screens would do a hell of a lot more than trials to promote healthy app economics and the creation of high-quality software. »

1 June 2013

Dark Sky 3

On the Forecast Blog

The renowned Dark Sky finally comes to the UK. And it offers to send push notifications prior to rainfall. This feels like the future. »

6 June 2013

Fun with UICollectionView. »

10 June 2013

Topping the charts and racing to the bottom

John August agrees that Apple should drop the App Store top lists. »

30 July 2013

#iosreviewtime was 33 hours for Cambugs 1.1 (release on hold for now). »

Trying again: #iosreviewtime was 1 day for Cambugs 1.1. »

17 August 2013

#iosreviewtime for Cambugs Letter Sounds 1.1.1 was 4 days. »

#iosreviewtime for Cambugs Phonics 1.0.1 was also 4 days. »

14 September 2013

Exporting iOS app icons with Acorn Read more »

16 September 2013

#iosreviewtime for Touchfit: GSP 1.2 was 10 days. »

18 September 2013

Media metadata in the Finder Read more »

19 September 2013

#iosreviewtime for Jamie Oliver’s Recipes 2.11.1 was 7 days. »

24 September 2013

Keyboard file navigation in Coda

Navigation using the keyboard in Coda 2’s file browsers was not obvious to me. Use command-down to go into a folder, and command-up to move up a level. The same commands work in the Finder, but I normally use command-O and command-W. »

2 October 2013

#iosreviewtime for Cambugs Letter Sounds 1.2 was 6 days. Finally built for iOS 7. »

3 October 2013

#iosreviewtime for Cambugs Phonics 1.1 was also 6 days. »

7 November 2013

Touchfit: GSP 1.3 is out

The app feels solid and still looks great; I’m proud of it. »

10 November 2013

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies first impressions Read more »

11 November 2013

Gaming overhead Read more »

Resident Evil: Revelations on sale Read more »

12 November 2013

Save with Jamie Read more »

21 November 2013

Spark for the Fire

Our former creative director at Zolmo, Ian Wharton (now at AKQA), wrote a book. I had fun at the launch party, and look forward to reading my copy. »

23 November 2013

Nintendo World Report telethon Read more »

Nintendo_NWR telethon is live now:

Mobile-friendly stream: »